Wedding And Events

We have got a time-machine to rewind our life anytime back to our marriage day! Yes that is nothing but our marriage photo album. Thanks to Lyric Studios for rendering our marriage event in a beautiful photo album

Pre & Post wedding

When it comes to pre-wedding or Post photo shooting, what really matters? The right outfit or is it the right style? The amazing & ideal location? The Right photographer? Yes, these are all very important factors that affect the end result of the photos. But, what matters the most beyond these factors? As a Indian lifestyle pre-wedding photographer for the past decade, I realized that the one thing that crafts the photo’s awesomeness is the love connection between the couple. Love connection does not just make the photo beautiful but it shows that when two hearts are connected, it is meaningful! This is what I believe.

Contact us now for more info about our Love Connection photo session which emphasizes on a more enhanced perspective in love between a couple.


Indian brides are so beautiful with mehanthi.